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Fun Escape Rooms That Are Located In The City Of New Orleans, LA

If you are looking for a fun place to go in the city of New Orleans, LA, escape room centers are a great option! They often offer very unique rooms that you can enjoy with a group of friends or your family. Two escape room centers that you can visit while you are in the city of New Orleans, LA include: See further information here.

  • Clue Carré


MYSTÈRE ESCAPE ROOMS is an escape room center that is located in the city of New Orleans, LA. MYSTÈRE ESCAPE ROOMS has five fun escape rooms that you can choose from. The unique rooms that they have at this center include The Game Room, Serial Killer’s Lair, Embalming Room Zombie Escape, Treasure Hunt, and Ghost Lab! Learn more about The Highest-Rated Escape Room Center Located In New Orleans, LA.

Clue Carré

Another fun escape room center that you can go to in the city of New Orleans, LA is Clue Carré. Clue Carré is actually New Orleans’ first live escape game, and they are ranked #5 in the USA Today 10 Best Escape Rooms 2019. The average escape time for their rooms are just below 53 minutes and they have 10 games available.

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