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It’s barely surprising that many tourists flock to Seabrook every year. This magnificent town is full of beautiful things to do. Whether you want to sightsee or try some exhilarating experiences, you will never get bored here. Click here for facts about New Orleans, LA.

Things to Do in Seabrook with Children

There are numerous fun things to do with the kids in Seabrook. Click here to read about Exciting Things to Do in Metairie

Free things to do in Seabrook. There is no need to dig deep into your pockets in Seabrook. Some of these things don’t cost a lot. El Jardin Del Mar where you can read an interesting book or enjoy a podcast as you soak up the sunlight. Visit Bayside Park for your picnic and enjoy a relaxing walk around the beautiful plant life. 

Nassau Bay

Nassau Bay is famous due to its lake views, and if you are looking for more things to do and see, you might think about a trip to Johnson Space Center. 

New Orleans

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