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You will not have any issues finding fun things to do and see in St Rose. Learn about the town’s history as you visit the fascinating attractions in this magnificent city. There is plenty of excellent experience in St Rose that the whole family will love. New Orleans, LA information can be seen at this link.

Whitney Plantation

Visit the Whitney plantation and take some steps back in the antebellum world, a history area devoted to preserving the history of slavery in the region. This trip of the reinstated buildings and grounds around the area offers you an insight at the contrast of human bondage and stately elegance which defined it. Click here to read about Best Things to Do in Little Woods.

Houmas house and San Francisco 2 Plantation

This is where you will experience the pilgrimage back in the old days to the antebellum south in the group van tour. Visit the two Louisiana plantations such as Houmas House and the San Francisco plantation that features a stunning gothic steamboat style mansion.

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