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Camp Leroy Johnson is one of the best towns in New Orleans to visit. Apart from the numerous attractions, the town features the best hotels and restaurants. They include: Click here for facts about New Orleans, LA.

Try any of the Best NOLA’s Best Restaurants 

Whether you are a visitor in this town or a local, it is not a mystery that Camp Leroy Johnson has some of the most vibrant culinary traditions. This means amazing new eateries opening every month, catering to all kinds of cuisines, budget and proclivities. Some of the best eateries in the French Quarter restaurant and Café du Monde. Information about Best Things to do in Luling can be found here. 

Look East for Vietnamese Food

The majority of people are familiar with European and African-descended communities. However, the town is less known for its Vietnamese population. With many immigrants, there are many Vietnamese eateries that serve Pho, banh mi, and all traditional delights. Check out Dong Phuong for its picky and meaty banh mi. 

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