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Are you ready to explore Scarsdale and have a great adventure? This town offers fun and exciting things to do and also allows you to save on your travel plans. Irrespective of whether you are an intrepid alfresco enthusiast or an urban explorer, the town has a lot to offer. Learn more facts here.

Go and Watch Some Gators at the Barataria Preserve.

The Barataria Preserve is found in Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and is just a few minutes from Scarsdale. You will have a chance to spot an alligator in the environment. The hiking track is beautiful and if you arrive at 10 am on Wednesday to Sunday, you will get a free guided tour. Read about Exciting Things to Do in Belle Chasse here.

Follow a Second Line

If you are new to Scarsdale, you might not know what a second line is. This is where you bring money to buy some drinks from local sellers who then follow the route. Get out of the line if you snap any pictures and hit up any jambalaya lady or yaka-mein you come across on the route.

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