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Avondale is one of the best places to visit in New Orleans. Once you arrive, you can stay in the comfort and safety of your hotel. You can also embrace the new environment you’ve come to as you learn the streets. Meet the locals, and learn the city’s history. You will also have a chance to eat the best meals. More about New Orleans, LA  can be seen here.

Eat a Delicious Italian Delicacy at Mosca’s

Neapolitans and Sicilians immigrated to New Orleans in numbers that can be matched by New Jersey and New York in 1900. This is a family operated roundhouse eatery that is in the middle of nowhere and served as a mafia hideout in the post-world war II era. While mobsters are gone, the appearance of this place remains supremely old-school. The restaurant serves chicken a la Grande with spaghetti. Information about Fun Things to Do in Metairie can be found here.

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