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Finding the best things to do in Luling can’t be hard. The town is home to numerous boutiques and museums. See more here.

Visit the Swamp

Luling’s location in the Mississippi River means that the town is surrounded by marshland and swamps. This swamp and the airboat tours cruise the local river in search of waterfowl, alligators and wild boars. Read about Best attractions in St Rose here.

See a Theatrical or Musical Performance

Luling has a vibrant theatre scene, and you can expect some greatest musical and theatrical productions to be available every month. One of the popular and historic places is Saenger theatre that hosts various shows each month. 

Attend a Sporting Event 

Luling is a home of many great professional teams. Irrespective of when you opt to visit, possibilities are that there will be some live games to watch. Whether you love baseball, basketball, soccer or any other kind of sport, the town has something you can watch. 

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