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Whether you live in your home throughout or visit occasionally, it should always be secure. If thieves break-in, it can be costly to replace everything taken. Employing a protection agency can never b solution; instead, your answer lies with the residential locksmiths. At Master Locksmith of New Orleans, we offer various residential services. See more here.

Key Replacement

When you lose or misplace your keys and can’t find the spare key, don’t break into your home. Breaking your door requires extra money for repairs from the damages you made while trying to access your home. We can replace your key and help you access your house within minutes. We first assess the locks and then make a key that is fit for the lock. We ensure the lock and the key are functioning effectively before leaving. See here for information about Improve Your Home Security by Hiring Our New Orleans Locksmith.

Lock Replacement

You can replace your locks if your house was broken into, you lost the keys or moved into a new home. We can replace locks of any type. We have all the tools required for an adequate lock replacement. No matter which part of your house needs replacement, you can trust us as we are reputable.

For residential services, call us through (504) 224- 9111.

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