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This list includes some of the cheap or free things to do in Kenner. They include various types of pocket-friendly activities such as movie theatres, bowling. They include: More can be found here.

Coconut Beach 

Previously known as coconut beach, white sands volleyball is one of the best beach volleyball facilities with a range of sand volleyball courts. This facility hosts many tournaments and welcomes newcomers to register for a league play. Learn more about Entertainment Options in Elmwood.

The Grand 14 Esplanade 

The Grand 14 Esplanade is a movie multiplex that shows first-run Hollywood films. The movie theatre is fitted with large reclining seats and digital sound and video. The Grand 14 Esplanade serves a range of concessions such as hot dogs. 

Project Educational Theatre

Project educational theatre features performances done by students. The theatre hosts exciting plays that are fairy tale themed such as Hansel and Gretel, Jack and the beanstalk and many more. It brings plays to various schools such that the kids can get performing arts education.

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