Master Locksmith is your local provider of residential and commercial locksmith services in New Orleans, LA. We offer lock rekey of an electronic keypad for all of our customers who are interested in protecting their home or business from burglary. 

Our technicians have all the tools they need to replace your old, outdated locks and keys with brand new ones that will help keep unwanted visitors out of your property.

Master Locksmith Is Certified And Insured With Years Of Experience

Master Locksmith Company is a professional locksmith company, licensed and insured.. Our dedicated team provides 24/7 emergency locksmith services in New Orleans, LA.

Our customers are our priority. We always ensure that we offer the highest quality service at affordable prices. Master Locksmith offers a broad range of products and services which include lock installation, repair or replacement, key duplication, duplicate keys made same day (in most cases), rekey and more.

Master Locksmith of New Orleans recently completed a project to rekey an electronic keypad lock for Mr. Pearson. The project began when Mr. Pearson called our company, inquiring if we could rekey his electronic keypad lock. After speaking with two different locksmiths in the area and being told it was not possible, he had nearly given up hope of finding someone who could help him. Fortunately, he contacted Master Locksmith and we were able to provide the service he needed.

Our experienced technicians worked carefully to open the electronic lock and replace the existing tumblers with a new set specifically coded to match a newly assigned code. We then tested the new keypad to make sure it worked properly before closing up the lock and installing properly. Thanks to our technical expertise, we were able to provide a secure solution that would ensure his security needs in the future should he choose to change his code again.

Throughout this entire process, we provided excellent customer service by responding quickly whenever Mr. Pearson had questions or concerns about his security needs. We made sure that he was informed of each step along the way and kept him updated on our progress throughout the project so that he felt comfortable knowing his security was in good hands with us at Master Locksmith of New Orleans. 

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Electronic Keypad Lock Rekeying Provides Strong Security For Every Property

With the ability to rekey and change the code of your electronic keypad lock on the same day, Master Locksmith is able to provide you with a strong solution that will ensure that access to your home or business remains secure at all times.

Electronic keypad locks are a great solution for businesses and residential properties. They offer an easy way to provide access to your property without having to worry about keys. 

Master Locksmith offers rekeyable lock cylinders and a full line of residential and commercial hardware supply

We are certified, insured, professional locksmiths equipped with advanced equipment and technology.

Master Locksmith has been providing reliable services for over 15 years. Our locksmiths are experts in the field of security systems, including installing new access control systems or upgrading existing ones. We also specialize in offering door repair services for residential homes as well as commercial buildings like offices, retail stores, banks or warehouses. 

The company is dedicated to providing customers with quality workmanship at reasonable prices so they can rest assured knowing their property is protected by high-quality security systems that meet current standards set forth by the industry.

Master Locksmith offers Electronic Lock Rekeying

Master Locksmith offers an upgrade to the traditional lock-and-key system with a new, innovative option that gives customers more control over their security: Electronic Keypad Lock Rekeying. This upgrade comes standard on all Master Locksmith's locks and can be added to any existing lock in New Orleans, LA. It provides strong security for every property.

Master Locksmith's Electronic Keypad Lock Rekeying service is available at Master Locksmith locations throughout New Orleans, LA.

If you’re looking for a way to make sure your home or business is secure in New Orleans, LA, Master Locksmith can help. With our electronic keypad lock rekeying services, we can provide you with a reliable solution that will ensure that access to your property remains secure at all times.