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Video Arcades That You Should Visit While In New Orleans, LA

Are you in the city of New Orleans, LA and you are looking for something fun to do? If so, you should stop at a video arcade where there is so much to do and enjoy, especially for kids! Two video arcades that you can visit while you are in the city of New Orleans, LA include: Learn more facts here.

    Optimus Entertainment
  • Adventure Quest Laser Tag

Optimus Entertainment

Optimus Entertainment is an arcade that is located in the city of New Orleans, LA. At this arcade, they offer the ability to use all sorts of fun arcade machines, as well as many attractions that will be new to a lot of people! They also offer food, including pizza, wings, fries, and drinks. Read about 2 Fun Arcades That You Can Visit In The City Of here.

Adventure Quest Laser Tag

Another video arcade that you can visit while you are in New Orleans, LA is Adventure Quest Laser Tag. At Adventure Quest Laser Tag, they have many fun things for people of all ages to enjoy. With arcade machines, bumper cars, cosmic golf, an adventure maze, and an escape room, there is a lot of stuff to enjoy at this arcade.

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