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New Orleans is a city rich in history and culture, offering visitors a wide variety of interesting attractions and activities to enjoy. From the elegant French Quarter to the lively music and nightlife scene, there is something for everyone in this amazing city. If you’re looking for the best experiences in New Orleans, read on for our top recommendations!

The Best Things To Do in New Orleans

French Quarter

The French Quarter is a must-see during any visit to New Orleans, regardless of the season, it is possible to skip Bourbon Street. Unless it is your first trip to New Orleans, in which case, then you absolutely must go there. The Vieux Carre is the oldest area in the city. As such, it is filled to the brim with stunning architecture, a depth of history, an abundance of food and music, and a cast of characters that includes long-time residents, chatty tour guides, and skilled street performers. You shouldn’t miss out on historic sites like the Historic New Orleans Collection. You should also make it a point to take in the vistas of the Mississippi River from the edge of the Quarter.

French Quarter New Orleans


Crescent Park

Before 2014, the banks of the Mississippi River that border the downtown areas of Marigny and Bywater in the city of New Orleans were essentially inaccessible to pedestrians. The city made significant investments in an extensive reconstruction program. Eventually, it resulted in the transformation of an unattractive, post-industrial wasteland into a beautiful riverside park. Crescent Park is approximately a mile and a half long and has the atmosphere of a neighborhood park. Visitors decked out in Mardi Gras garb are not likely to be found here. To make out of this experience, you may take a spot along the riverbank with some grass, pick up a bottle of wine and a cheese platter from the adjacent Bacchanal Wines, and have an ethereal afternoon picnic there.

Crescent Park New Orleans


Frenchmen Street

One of the best areas in the city to listen to music can be found in the Marigny neighborhood. It is also located right next to the French Quarter. A number of live music venues, including the Spotted Cat and dba, can be found in this area. These venues include a variety of musical genres, including rock, jazz, blues, and reggae. A brass band will frequently be found playing on a street corner. You may gather the energy you need for a lively, music-filled stroll through the area at one of the restaurants that serve pub grub, Egyptian cuisine, pizza, and other types of food.

Frenchmen Street New Orleans

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National WWII Museum

The National WWII Museum is a complex that is of world-class standard and has exhibits that have won awards. These displays showcase the tales of people who participated in World War II and those who worked on the homefront during the war. The museum features real aircraft, jeeps, and Higgins boats, as well as a theater that hosts musical acts set during World War II. It even has a restaurant and an incredible gift store that sells apparel and other items inspired by the 1940s.

National WWII Museum New Orleans


City Park

City Park has almost all of the activities that take place in New Orleans. You can find museums, golf courses, cafes, high-end restaurants, a stadium, rivers, and a substantial amount of green space there. The New Orleans Museum of Art and the sculpture park that is attached to it are also obvious attractions of the city. The Couterie Forest, which features eight different ecosystems, and Laborde Mountain, which is the highest point in the city, are also some of the best attractions found in the park. Adults can work up an appetite by walking the great lawns before having dinner at the highly regarded Ralph’s on the Park restaurant. Children will enjoy the Carousel Gardens Amusement Park with its vintage fairground rides. The Louisiana Children’s Museum is also a great place for families to spend time together.

City Park New Orleans


New Orleans Museum of Art

The best experiences in New Orleans can never be complete without a visit to this museum. A destination that should not be missed by anyone who comes to New Orleans, and rightly so. The structure itself is majestic and grand with its alabaster walls and Greco-Roman columns. And conveniently, it is located in a more remote part of City Park. In addition, there is a stunning sculpture garden that spans five acres and has works of art hidden among magnolias and live oaks covered in Spanish moss. Inside, the collection is just as stunning. It features works of art from both France and the United States, in addition to itinerant exhibits that showcase everything from fashion to digital media. It is still considered one of the South’s most stunning collections of fine art to this day.

New Orleans Museum of Art New Orleans


Magazine Street

This six-mile stretch has something for everyone. It includes shopping, restaurants, art galleries, distinctive architecture, a zoo that has won awards, and local proprietors who are welcoming. After working up an appetite browsing the local stores, you can treat yourself to lunch at one of the numerous restaurants. It features dining on the sidewalk or on patios that face out into the activity of the street below.

Magazine Street New Orleans


Museum of the Southern Jewish Experience

Want to make the most out of your trip with the best experiences in New Orleans? Discover a new facet of Southern culture by visiting the newest museum in town. The Museum of the Southern Jewish Experience (MSJE) recounts the remarkable history of Jews living in thirteen Southern states, beginning in Colonial times and continuing up to the current day. It showcases Jews in the South and how they were inspired by the culture of their new communities. It also features how they shared their own culture with these communities, largely Christian, through the transmission of their legacy and customs.

Museum of the Southern Jewish Experience New Orleans


Algiers Ferry

You may experience the majesty of the Mississippi River up close and personal by boarding the Algiers Ferry at the base of Canal Street. This commuter ferry will take you on a short journey that will provide you with an incredible perspective of the city as well as a few moments to connect with the river. On the other side, spend some time exploring the small neighborhood of Algiers Point. It features adorable residences, streets lined with oak trees, and a few cafes and pubs.

Algiers Ferry New Orleans


Steamboat Natchez

The Steamboat Natchez is a well-known and well-established tour that offers two daily harbor cruises, as well as evening and Sunday brunch cruises. This trip is quite popular and has been around for a long time. All of the cruises, despite the fact that they could be slightly different from one another, take in the history and scenery of New Orleans and the Mississippi River. This is an exceptional opportunity to acquire a great deal of information in a condensed amount of time. The calliope organ will also be playing as the boat pulls up to the dock. You can purchase tickets at the walk-up booth located along the river. Reservations are highly recommended during peak season.

Steamboat Natchez New Orleans


Louis Armstrong Park

Because there are not a lot of green areas in the central business district of New Orleans, Louis Armstrong Park is an attractive alternative. It is located just beyond the French Quarter. Because of the park’s close proximity to the culture of the city, it has also developed into a center for various festivals and annual events. It is an attractively planned and planted location that crams a lot into 32 acres of land. If you want to make the most out of the best experiences in New Orleans, do not miss out on the opportunity to see Congo Square. It was originally intended to be a public area where black slaves and free people of color could gather to celebrate. African-Americans congregated in the area to celebrate their ancestry via the use of music and drumming circles as the forerunners of jazz.

Louis Armstrong Park New Orleans


French Quarter Phantoms

Cemetery tours are thrilling for some people, but they’re also fantastic for tourists who want to get a taste of the macabre while also learning about the area’s past. Everyone starts off by meeting at the “office,” which is actually the rear of a bar on Rampart Street. This is maybe the most quintessentially New Orleans beginning of a guided tour that you could possibly imagine. Everyone appeared to be really excited about visiting the cemetery. However, guided tours are now required because it is the only way to get a comprehensive look at the tours.

Keep a sharp eye out for the graves of local legends such as the Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau, as well as the decoration on the masonry, since this is something that will really stick with you.

French Quarter Phantoms New Orleans


The Spotted Cat Music Club

If Frenchman Street is where the city’s best jazz can be found, then the Spotted Cat is the epicenter of that scene. This is a small bar that has a bit of a rundown feel to it, but it comes to life every night when traditional jazz is played. When the Cotton Mouth Kings are in town, you can look forward to hearing some brassy quartets and quintets, clarinet solos, and big voices, as well as swing. The local swing crew will have the opportunity to show off their dance moves when the dance floor opens up. Try to cram in as much as possible and stay for more than one set for the best experiences in New Orleans when it comes to music.

The Spotted Cat Music Club new orleans


Cajun Encounters Tour Company

The bayou may only be 45 minutes away from the beignets of the French Quarter and the nightlife of Bourbon Street, but it will feel like another world. Your tour “captain,” who is an absolute expert and can tell the difference between caimans and alligators, will take you out on a flat-bottomed boat for a period of two hours in order to look for gators in their natural habitat. It’s even possible that you’ll get to eat with them. You don’t need to worry about anyone from the tour not making it back. The guide provides a humorous yet serious perspective on the swamp. It discusses topics such as the effects that Hurricane Katrina had on the environment as well as the ways in which it continues to change. Conservation is also discussed during this portion of the tour.

Cajun Encounters Tour Company new orleans


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