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Small towns have an aura that you can’t find in large cities. Woodmere is a good example since it has a lot of fun things to do and see. For this reason, your stay in Woodmere will be a memorable experience. Discover more about  New Orleans, LA  here. 

Historic Tremont Food Tour

As your local guide leads the way, check-in four eateries in Tremont, a picturesque historic district situated in the south of downtown. This offers you a chance to taste a wide range of meals like soul food, wood-fired pizza and Thai dishes. With the help of a local foodie guide, you will explore the development of cuisines from the working-class roots to the higher end gastronomic experiences. Discover facts about What You Need to Know Before you Visit Timberlane.

Eliot Ness Investigation Escape Room

Crack codes, find clues and escape the room in a live-action race against the clock. Rather than watching movies or playing some video games, this is your chance to grab a starring role and be a hero. Your crew has one hour to complete the mission.

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