Master Locksmith New Orleans is proud to announce a new door lock change for a customer in Canal St, New Orleans, LA. We offer 24-hour locksmith services for all our customers in New Orleans, from home lockouts to automotive lock needs, Master Locksmith is there to help. 


Recently, Master Locksmith helped a customer by providing a lock change service for his apartment as there were crowbar marks on the strike plate on the door, which clearly indicates that someone was trying to break in.


Locks are vital parts of a home and their purpose is to protect you from unwelcomed individuals. When a lock fails to do its job, you can no longer feel safe and secure in your home. Our customer's decision was right by changing his locks to a new door lock, even though his former locks did their job by deterring away the would-be burglars, upgrading his locks to a high security one. 


If you find yourself in any emergency situation, such as being locked out of your own house, business, or car, or someone tried to break into your home or you have been burglarized and need fast response times with affordable rates then call Master Locksmith New Orleans today!

Break-Ins/Attempted Break-Ins; Who Do You Call?

Relevant to what our recent customer has experienced, break-ins can happen to anyone. It doesn't matter how safe your neighborhood is, how careful you are, or how much you lock up—burglars can get into your home and they want what you have. If you live in the New Orleans area, it's always a good idea to know who to call if you ever experience a break-in. 911 should be the first thing on your list on how to handle this situation because that's who you should call for emergencies. File a police report (504) 821-2222 after calling 911, so the authorities know about this incident. Then, contact a 24-hour locksmith for a new lock change (preferably a high-security lock), which will deter potential burglars from breaking in again.

Should You Rekey Or Have A New Door Lock Installed After A Break-in?

If someone attempts to break into your home, it’s understandable to want to rekey your locks or have new door lock hardware installed by a 24-hour locksmith. It would be best to replace all the locks and keys in your house after a break-in, but doing so is expensive and isn’t always necessary. If you have old locks, want to upgrade to a modern one, or if the attempted break-in resulted in an actual break-in, changing your locks is the way to go. Rekeying your locks is also a second option if someone attempted to break into your home but this is only recommended for those with brand new, high-security locks. However, rekeying old locks when a break-in occurs is not a wise choice as your locks will have the same integrity, only an altered lock mechanism.

Why Do You Need 24/7 Locksmith Services?

The best advice for an emergency locksmith is to be prepared. There are situations that you can't predict and when it happens, you'll be thankful if you already have a service provider that you can call anytime. But what should you expect from our emergency locksmith services? Here's a list of reasons why you might need them:


Home/Car/Business Lockouts - If you need to be let back into your house, office, or car at any time, day or night, then it's a good idea to have a 24-hour locksmith service you can call. If you've been locked out, or if your keys have broken off in the lock and you need a replacement fast — whether it's a car lockout or a home lockout — then we're who you call. With our 24/7 locksmith services, we handle all kinds of situations. We have technicians who can help you with vehicle lockout services, residential lockout services, and commercial lockout services.


Broken Key Fobs - Keyless entry systems are wonderful, but what happens if the remote or the key fob stops working? If you have one of these systems you should always have a backup plan for when there's a problem. And since you can never be too prepared, it's a good idea to have a 24-hour locksmith in your area on speed dial. Master Locksmith New Orleans is familiar with these systems and can help you out with any issues, big or small.


Broken Lock/Key - Nothing is more frustrating than that sinking feeling you get when you realize your key is stuck in the lock. It's especially bad if it happens late at night. That's why we're here for you 24/7 to help with any lock or key emergency you can think of. We can unlock your car or unlock your house, and we'll even make a new key if the original snaps inside the lock.

Choose the Most Trusted 24-Hour Locksmith in New Orleans!

Ultimately, if you need a reliable and trustworthy 24-hour locksmith service in New Orleans that can handle any locksmithing needs, big or small – Master Locksmith New Orleans is here to help! We offer competitive rates and unbeatable customer service, with knowledgeable technicians behind our name. Our experienced technicians are certified to handle all types of lock & key services in the greater New Orleans area - from residential jobs to commercial requirements. 


Safety and security are our top priorities, so we meet industry standards with the latest technologies available. So look no further - call us today for your emergency locksmith needs and experience the safeguard that comes from being professionally served by Master Locksmith New Orleans! Don’t wait any longer - choose the most trusted 24-hour locksmith in New Orleans - Master Locksmith New Orleans!