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  • Why Are Keypad Door Locks So Popular?

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Keypad door lock installation in New Orleans is a matter of convenience. While the locks were often used for commercial properties, nowadays they’ve made their way into residential properties. This is why companies like Master Locksmith of New Orleans see a spike in the number of people going for these locks. Here are some of the advantages of keypad door locks. New Orleans, LA can be seen here.

Enhanced Security

Keypad door locks are designed using state-of-the-art technology. This makes it impossible for unauthorized persons to break into your property. Anyone accessing your home needs to know the security code. Information about Why It’s Important to Contract A Certified Locksmith can be found here. 

Changeable Entry Codes

Whenever you feel that unauthorized people know your security code, you can change it in a flash. Similarly, if you’re renting out your property, you don’t have to change the locks but just notify the tenant of the access code. 

Unique Design

You can choose from a variety of keypad door locks to suit your unique taste and preference. These range from the traditional to the minimalistic design keypad door locks. This means you can retain the aesthetic appeal of your property by installing a keypad door lock that resembles your property’s design and style! 

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